Salmon of the north

A norwegian product

produced in china

Fresh. Local. Premium quality.

About salmon of the north

Salmon of the north seeks to keep a greener planet through food technology.

Produce Atlantic salmon to the Chinese marked using the latest water technology (RAS), Recirculated aquaculture systems. Fjord Aqua is a food tech company where first phase will deliver 6.000 tons of fresh and sustainably raised Atlantic Salmon.

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Premium quality from Norway - China

Fjord Aqua commits to sustainability through low carbon footprint, bringing protein to the people and conservation of the sea.

Production from Norwegian egg to harvest size salmon in integrated state of the art RAS facility. To prevent bacteria, viruses, sea lice or toxic algae to enter the production. Locally farmed fish is the future for the consumer.

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Our Team

Stig Myrseth

Mr. Stig Myrseth has a distinguished and long-standing career as a financial analyst...

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Stian Førre-Wold

Mr. Wold has background from finance with broad experience in many aspects...

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Lars Rustad

Mr. Lars Rustad has more than 30 years experience in the oil, gas and aquaculture...

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Bjørn Myrseth

Mr. Bjørn Myrseth has more than 50 years of experience in fish farming as operator...

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Reid Hole

Dr. scient. Reid Hole has considerable international aquaculture, industry, research...

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Frank Wang

Mr. Wang is the European executive partner of China Soft Capital PE Fund. He is...

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Øystein Matre

Øystein Matre, born November 12, 1960, is one of the founders of Westcon Group...

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Nils Petter Wedege

Mr Wedege is a creative director in Fabel with over 20 years of experience...

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